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Preventive Maintenance……..

To keep your trailers in optimum condition, a regular maintenance plan is essential to getting the longest life expectancy from your trailer. 

It makes no difference if your trailers are DRY VANS, FLAT BEDS or REEFERS, the suspension on your trailer Is the most costly item to manufacture and maintain on your trailer….therefore it would be in your best interest to stay on top of these components.

It’s estimated that a full 60% of the trailers on the road today have air-ride suspensions, but spring ride suspensions appear to be making a comeback, especially when acquiring “used trailers”.

No matter which type of suspension you are using, air or spring, your suspension components and alignment should be checked regularly. Failure to do so, will eventually lead to costly repairs. Something as simple as properly tightening your U-bolts to the proper torque, on a spring ride trailer, can prevent major expenses. While your at it why not check your wheels for damage, such as cracks, loose or missing lug nuts or bad wheel studs, then finally check the air pressure in your tires.

Check yourself and see how little time it took to perform these preventive maintenance steps. Believe me these steps will quickly save you money and make your trailer safer to operate.

Air-ride suspensions need to have the same preventive steps taken to insure longer suspension life. They do have a few different components to inspect, such as air bags, valves and suspension bushings.

If you’re not familiar with the maintenance procedures for your particular suspension, check with the manufacturer for a maintenance manual or an on-line printable PDF file, to help you keep your suspension in optimum condition.

Now let’s look at your plumbing and components, air tanks, valves and air hoses….when is the last time you did a visual inspection of even just the air hoses , for cracking or rubbing ? Please, if you have any worn or bad components replace them IMMEDIATELY, for your safety and the safety of others sharing the highway.

Finally axle alignment should be checked periodically or on an as needed basis. Utilize your mirrors. You can easily see if your trailer is “dog tracking”…. If that’s the case check your components for wear and align your axles as needed. Failure to maintain your axle alignment will expedite tire wear and can lead to additional suspension problems and even safety issues.

Finally, remember a clean, well maintained trailer will guarantee a higher “trade-in” value which means even MORE MONEY in your pocket. 


                                         PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE …………………..IT PAYS

Home About AM Trailer Updates and Info

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